June 17, 2013

The Magic Scienceland Home Studio, Homemade Business Cards and Lady Parts

So here is the Magic Scienceland Home Studio that I was telling you about in all its basement glory.
Here is my main work station. It's where the magic happens.

To the left of it is the spray paint wall.

To the left of that is my crafting/framing table and easel. It's been getting a lot of use, lately.
Last week I decided that I was going to create my own business cards using a personalized stamp I made at this great website, and scrap paper. Since it's easy to make your own stamp pad by painting acrylic on felt material, this allows me to customize my cards however I want. It's also super cheap, since I'm up-cycling old material.

Stamping some cards in blue.

Hanging up to dry.
And finally, this is the newest of my background illustrations and it's called "Lady Parts," which is a hilly place in Magic Scienceland where the ladies roam free.

All bushes and firm, young hills here.