June 7, 2013

Breaded Bread Beard, Sqatch Territory, and More

May was a strange month for me. My room got invaded by ants. After their initial blitzkrieg, they built a fortress deep within my scanner so I had to toss that bitch in a river. I should have scanned a picture of them in there first, but the RAGE consumed me. Then it seemed like they were attacking daily, so I had to take everything out of my room and individually hand-wipe that shit down. They had hidden eggs all over the place like awful little presents that open themselves.

But in that period of cleaning time, I built a studio room in the unused part of our basement. More pics tomorrow after I clean the sex-stink out of it.

I also planted a garden for the first time ever, and my plants are looking pretty fruitful at the moment. But here are some things that I've finished in that time period without a scanner:

"Braided Bread Beard"
This is the next piece I've completed for my "Beards: Why God, Why?" series. It was requested from a friend named Katelyn Keith who is an amazing artist. Here is a tiny painting that she gave me a few years ago.

"Ode to Bob: Shoulder Nipple"

"Squatch Territory"
Here are a bunch of trees that I first called "Trees Without Reason," but I think I want to use that name for something else. I'm working on a series of scenic illustrations of Magic Scienceland that I can use as backgrounds in the comic, and this is the first one.

"Black Gray Whale"
This is just an idea that popped in my head one day and I sketched it out. I think it would be a good band name.

I have about 6 comics that I'm putting the finishing touches on, so I'll post more up this weekend since I'll finally have some time.