February 25, 2012

An Evening at the Flatiron

I wrote another weird article for
Nathan: This past Friday I went to The Flatiron with the lovely Avalon Kenny. I had never been before, but Avalon’s description of it made it sound like a treasure chest filled with magical golden instruments and alcohol, so I was excited. On the way in, I encountered a man standing by the door beat-boxing to himself. I stood next to him and listened to his lips drum against his tongue while I smoked a cigarette. I thought about how a chimney on a building across the street looked like a man with two penises pointing his erections at the sky, and about how scarily-intelligent octopuses are nowadays. Then I thought I saw a monster scuttle under a car, so I decided to venture in and finally see Greensboro’s indigenous music that people keep talking about.

Emily Stewart and the Baby Teeth

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