November 29, 2011

Monsterize Yourself "Tina"

Here is the "Monsterize Yourself" painting that I recently completed for Tina, my older sister. Again, like the last one, I was given a total free pass to do whatever I felt like doing. After making her boyfriend look like a flying phallic beast, I honestly don't know why she trusts me. But, here is the painting from start to finish.

This is a terrible photo of the simple background that I painted. I first layered a few colors to figure out what the hell I was going to do, and then I went over them with a washed-out peach color before laying down the darker floor. Sometimes I begin paintings with no idea how I want them to be, but usually I can just start to "feel the colors" because my third eye wakes up or the drugs kick in.

Here is the initial sketch of my sister and a few light colors I put down. The dark spot on the bottom left corner is a shadow of my hand because I don't respect photography enough to buy a camera that isn't attached to my phone/mp3 player/SNES emulator. When drawing and coloring my characters with pencils, I do so in a way that resembles how you paint with watercolors. I start with light tones and gradually blend darker colors over them. 

Ta da! That's the completed painting. I don't really know what kind of monster that I made her, but it terrifies me. It is some sort of demon zebra snake. Or maybe she is the balloon, and the thing attached to her is just an illusion. I am not sure. She likes it, so I am okay with it. However, if I could change it now, then I would put a bunch more balloons behind her. Maybe that is just a job for another painting. I sure like balloons with faces. They creep me the fuck out.