November 28, 2011

Dream Journal 1

I've decided to start writing a journal here about the insane images that populate my brain during my sleeping hours. Recently, amongst the confusion of holiday/art-infused anxiety, my pre-frontal cortex has been firing off spasmodically and my dreams have become an entertaining soup of randomness. Here is one that just happened the other day.

In the dream (which was also a movie), I was a young Brendan Fraser. I had just been adopted into a new family because my parents had died, and I learned quickly that my new mother was extremely stupid and could easily be scammed out of a bunch of money. I witnessed as she was scammed into buying a lot of meat products from the local butcher that were soon going to spoil. Seriously, like 1000's of dollars worth of incredibly bad meat.

Later, I found myself going to work with my father at the electrical plant, which was right next to the butcher. I invented a lightning machine like the little fucking Tesla that I am. And one day, I decided to get a bunch of gasoline and set the butcher's shop on fire. Interestingly enough, his shop was fire-proof and the fire soon spread to the electrical plant, and everyone in the town had to help save it in order to keep their power.

This led to a weird confrontation between the butcher and myself. He learned that I had set his place on fire out of revenge for my mother's stupidity, so he explained to me an elaborate story about how his son is crippled mentally and physically and drains him of his funds so often that he has to rely on scamming people. I called his bluff, and opened the door to the basement of his butcher shop where he supposedly left his son and BEHOLD- it was true.

I quickly befriended this child because despite how small and weak he was, I actually found him quite interesting. He knew so much about cutting up animals, the exact type of nutrition you get from certain parts of their bodies, and the chemistry of everything that I found him to be great fun in teaching me new things.

And one day, I decided to let him glimpse my wonderful lightning machine. We went downstairs to the bottom of the power plant and I showed it to him in all its glory. But as soon as he was about to touch it, I noticed that something was amiss. Some of the wires on it had been ripped out so that as soon as he touched it, he erupted into a giant fireball of lightning and burnt flesh and was reduced to the meat that I saw so often when accompanying him to the butcher's shop.

His father had done it to specifically rid himself of his burdensome son, gain his son's life insurance policy, and get me, Brendan Fraser, to be sent to prison. It was all just a big elaborate scam.

The last part of the dream was a musical number in the prison where my character revealed that everything in life is just a big scam to destroy you, and you should never believe anything because the universe is a lie.

It was fucking weird to wake up with this song still in my head.