October 24, 2011

Monsterize Yourself

One thing I am doing to currently make money is this special commission work that I call "Monsterize Yourself." The buyer sends me a picture of themselves (or whomever they are purchasing it for), and they tell me exactly what type of monster they would want to be. Either that, or they give me full creative power over how I make them into a monster/creature thing. Here is the first one that I finished for my sister's boyfriend. I am going to go ahead and explain how I make these, which also gives you a glimpse into how I create the majority of my artwork.

I usually start out a painting by first designing the background. For this one, I decided that I wanted the creature to be flying above the clouds, so I first painted multiple washes of acrylic colors over watercolor paper. Then, I did the final blue wash over these colors to give the sky some depth and to make the background more interesting. After that, as you can see, I painted on some big, fluffy cloud monsters. For the next step, I had to sketch out and decide how the creature looks.

This is the beginning of the face of this creature. Usually on another sheet of watercolor paper, I sketch out the largest features of the monster and begin coloring them in with colored pencils. I do this because it makes the entire painting more dynamic, and it gives me more interesting textures to work with. It also brings forward the foreground from the background in a more interesting way. When I finish the drawing, I cut it out and use graphite on the edges so that the edges blend more fully into the background. This makes the painting almost three dimensional, but I like the look of it.

Here is the finished painting, without my signature. All that I knew about this person (since my sister bought this for him) was that I should mostly focus on his emo hair and skater shoes. I wanted to make him look goofy, so I made him into a spotted flying dog-like thing. I actually think it is pretty funny, so I am going to leave it as it is. The only change I made afterwards was using some pencil to outline the clouds to make them stand out a little more. But, this is generally my style that I use when making commissioned work. If you would like me to make one for you, I can give you the details on how much they cost and how long it will take to make. Just shoot me an email at .