October 20, 2011

Back Into Action!

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since I have been able to work on this website. Due to a few financial burdens and moving into a new place, I have recently been busy working on other projects. What have I been doing, you ask? Here are some character emotional designs I have been working on to illustrate Captain Wizard's face, and what has been going on with my life.

This is Captain Wizard's normal face. He wakes up in the morning, drinks a potion of awesomeness like the rest of us, and goes about his day with a smile on his face. Actually, this smile isn't real. His mouth just falls into a smile when it has nothing better to do.

This is something that I wish I could achieve. My face tends to warp into an old man's scowl whenever I have to wake up and realize that I am never going to cast magic spells. Looking through the stack of bills on my desk is like finding out that the buried treasure of adulthood was filled with fake coins that aren't even chocolate. My normal face is more of an emotionless scream.
This is the face that Captain Wizard makes whenever he finds out that gnomes stole his spaghetti soup, or when his Kickass Boots are scratched. This is the face that I commonly make whenever I remember that sharks still exist, or whenever I think about how much money I spent on going to art school.
Oh, how often Captain Wizard finds himself sad. Being the fool that he is, Captain Wizard sometimes misplaces important things, or finds them dead the next day. I am only sad when I am on trains. Or being hit by trains.
Being a wizard doesn't mean that you aren't still a man. Casting spells takes energy, and energy comes from animals, or the sun. Unfortunately, there isn't a "Photosynthesis" spell, so Captain Wizard has to make do with horse meat. But, he will eat anything that can poop.

I have experienced this emotion (or feeling or whatever) too often in my lifetime, and I am currently trying to change it for the better. Before being an artist, one must expect to live a more modest life. The "starving artist" image is definitely something that occurs. Hopefully, the artwork that I sell on this website can feed the monster that lives inside the cave of my body.
I don't know why Captain Wizard makes this face when he is excited. I usually just have an erection.
Some people cry "tears of joy" when they are most happy. I usually light myself on fire and try to catch birds. Captain Wizard actually has so many different expressions that I probably shouldn't label any of them. So... forget all of these. I will be making many more soon anyway.

Regardless, I will be back to updating more frequently now that I have more time on my hands to do so. The comic should start next month at some point, unless I am abducted by angels or something.