September 12, 2011

Heathcliffe Character Design

Sorry for not posting recently, but I have been working on a lot of paintings at once and most of them should be finished shortly. I will put them up whenever they are done, and maybe I will have some time to work on Magic Scienceland and get everything moving. Anyway, here is a character design I did a while ago for a children's book idea I had. Here is little Heathcliffe. He is an emotionally troubled young artist and his looks are based upon a friend of mine from college who wore a vikings helmet around campus all the time. I don't exactly remember what the story was about, but I am sure Heathcliffe was very sad the entire time and had to overcome some obstacle or conflict. Maybe he had to kill a bear and use its blood to paint a magic asshole to shit over everyone he hated. Or maybe he had to fuck the moon to death. I don't know.
This was made using photoshop and swear words.