August 26, 2011

This is the beginning.

I am starting this website as a means to publicly display my artwork, and because I have always wanted to make a webcomic. Over the past two years I have brainstormed with a close friend of mine many ideas about this place that we invented called "Magic Scienceland." In it, the main character named Captain Wizard must battle evil aliens, witches, science, and many other interesting creatures. I want to have a comic that focuses on more serious theoretical ideas like metaphysics, quantum physics, the idea of intelligent beings from other planets creating us, and generally a whole slew of bizarre conspiracies that I find interesting.

I also want to have a webcomic that is actually fucking funny, unlike a lot of them out there.

Currently, this website is still being modified to fit the image of the comic and it is by no means finished. Until the website is finished, I will be posting some of my original artwork, some sketches of character designs, and some other projects that I am working on.

The comic will start as soon as I can come up with a decent header and background to the site and feel comfortable not worrying about it for a while.

Until then, you will be updated with mostly character sketches and artwork. And please, feel free to give me your opinion on anything in the website. I enjoy constructive criticism, and I am always trying to make things better.
This is a simple sketch of Captain Wizard. There will be MUCH more coming soon.